Monday, March 31, 2014

Buffalo Chicken Dip

This is a recipe I
have made a few times but always seems to be a hit. It is really easy and quick to make.

2 - 8 ounce cream cheese, room temperature
1 cup ranch dressing
3/4 cup buffalo sauce of your choice
10 ounces of cooked chicken, you can add more it doesn't hurt to have too much chicken with this
Shredded cheese of your choice and amount of your choice, with cheese I am in the mindset that you can never have too much!
Corn and/or tortilla chips

Beat cream cheese, ranch, and buffalo sauce together
Fold in cooked chicken and shredded cheese
Put in croc pot set on warm then serve once it gets warm. I like to keep this one warm, it just doesn't taste as good when it gets cooled down.

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