Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bacon wrapped Venison backstrap

This appetizer is always a pleaser and it's really easy to make.

Meat of your choice, the amount is dependent upon how many you want to make, I used venison back strap seasoned with Fiesta brand fajita seasoning and seasoned salt
Sliced orange bell pepper
Sliced cheddar cheese, some of it will melt off in the cooking process but the majority will stay intact
Sliced jalapenos, I quartered mine, didn't want it to be too spicy
Thin cut bacon, I don't like to use the thick cut when I wrap food because it the thick cut takes too long to cook

Then begin to wrap up the ingredients inside the bacon and I like to use at least 2 toothpicks to keep it together.
Once you are done you can immediately put them on the fire and begin to cook or soak them in Italian dressing for a few hours.

When you are cooking over an open flame be careful of flare ups, it will happen, when they are done cooking to your liking serve and enjoy!

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